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“How to Make Money Without a Job” Myths Exposed by Young Entrepreneur, Jon Belcher

Well well well, we’ve come to the question of the century, “how to make money without a job?” This is something that I’ve pondered on for years and finally broke through with. By the end of this article you will know exactly how to make money without a job and without having a boss breathe down your neck every day.

…So about two years ago I was at one of the lowest points in my life just asking myself, “How can I start Generating Income Without a Job?”. I was jumping from dead end job to dead end job trying to make ends meet for myself. I was mostly stressed out because it felt like I was working long hard hours every day, only to find that I was always broke again two to three days after receiving my paycheck.

The first job I had was at Baby’s R’ Us, then I moved on to a car dealership where I was working for commissions, and my last job before I finally figured out how to make money without a job; was as a security guard.

I was working at nursing homes for eight dollars and fifty cents per hour…

Honestly, I hated it. I hated being controlled. I hated being told when I can use the bathroom and when I can go on lunch break so I decided that I’d find a way to make money on my own terms while controlling my own hours.

…that’s when I went to the internet and started researching ways to make money from home.

I knew deep inside that I was worth more than the crumbs that my job was paying me and I wasn’t going to give up my search until I found a way to be my own boss. Not to mention, being depressed for months on in and lacking the time freedom to really enjoy life, I knew that enough was enough.

…So there I was just trying to wrap my head around how to make money without a job…

Fortunately, I got to witness entrepreneurs from all walks of life make money and live awesome lifestyle without having to work a day job. And that’s when I realized something magical…

I realized that you don’t necessarily need a job, you need an INCOME.

The only issue is that most people only know how to make money by having a job. But I knew there was a better way. I knew what mattered to me more than anything else was freedom.

…So I kept on searching for online opportunities…

Suddenly, it was like God put the perfect opportunity in front of me. I finally could stop banging my head trying to figure out “how to make money without a job”.

The opportunity I discovered is called Motor Club of America, also known as MCA. It’s a company that provides benefits ranging from Health Care and Travel discounts to Road Side Assistance services.

I was sold!!!

I soon started Earning Money Without a Job by referring others to the benefits and being paid Eighty dollars (per person) through the company’s affiliate program. Plus, it’s only Twenty dollars per month for Over Twenty Thousand dollars worth of benefits. It was honestly a win win.

…After a few months of being in with MCA, I was able to quit my security job and work full time from home. I went from making eight fifty an hour to earning Eighty to One Hundred and Sixty dollars an hour just working Two to Four hours per day…

But most importantly, I no longer am being controlled. And I can write my own paycheck while teaching other people on my team how to make money without a job, using this opportunity.

“The true asset in life is time, not money.”

Now, wouldn’t it be cool to learn how to make money without a job so that you can do more of the things you love to do?

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