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As you see parabolic SAR yellow and blue flakes are going down. Also awesome oscillator candles started going down. So we can bet PUT. Do not forget to trade on 2 minutes. New traders often find it difficult to distinguish reliable brokers from a binary options scam. So if you want to have the ability to differ them you have to find the following infos: 1. security measures that a broker use to exclude criminals from their customer base, 2. If a broker offers you high payouts 3. regulation controlling the broker 4. The experience of traders that you can find on forums.
It is really a good moment about 99%, parabolic sar yellow and blue flakes going up, also ema crossed green candles. Also awesome oscillator candles started going up. So we can bet CALL.
Aside from your broker directly stealing your money, there is also the way that your broker steals your money indirectly, by offering too low payouts for you to make money. I recommend getting a demo account. A demo allows you to use your broker’s full service with play money. Trade your broker’s demo for a while, and you will soon know if its payouts are high enough for you to make money.