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TAKIT Pro – Best Trading Software for stocks, commodities, currency.

How to choose the best Trading Software ? Trading software for stock market or share market means the software which helps you take trading decisions. There are thousands of trading software for share market. That is why we get confused. So which one is the best? Below are the criteria that must need to be fulfilled by that software.
1) It must be an easy trading software. We are traders. So we are always busy with trading. If the software is hard to understand then it is quite natural that one can incur losses by mis-using the software in wrongful way. So the trading software that you are using must be very user friendly. Less number of options, fast loading, quick initialization, low internet consumption, great looks and obviously robustness, these all makes a trading software unbeatable.
2) Real time trading software. By real time we mean to say that the stock information(basically called stock data) must be realtime or with very little delay(less than 1 second). Plus the data must not miss any tick. As a whole this data should be authentic and first hand data that is obtained from the stock exchanges.
3) Segments: Commodities, Equities and Currencies. Some traders want Mcx trading software while others want Nse trading software. Some peoples also need Currency trading software. But what happens if all these segments of Mcx, Nse, Currency are packed into a single software? That will really be a great software.
4) After sale service. Whether a Software works or not depends on internet, PC health, antivirus and obviously the trading software itself. If any of the factors gets problem you need immediate support from professional Technical Support person to solve the matter. Hence, you must take care that what are the working hours of the software company.

Hence, TAKIT Professional, the ultimate Trading Software for stock market. This software automatically shows you the Buy and Sell signals on the live chart. Green arrow shows BUY signal and Red arrow shows SELL signal. It does all the analysis job for you and show the best opportunities to trade on intraday.
Best Trading strategy for share market: TAKIT Pro filters out the best trading ideas and strategies for stock market. Its primarily based on statistics and trend reversal theory. But what makes its logic so powerful? It is actually its popularity. To prove this just click on the Performance button on the bottom right corner of this site. You will find that when a buy signal come, thereafter the stock rushes like rocket. Why the stock gives profit immediately after the signal comes? Because, we have more than 10,000 customers accross the globe. What you need to do is that “just join the party of 10,000+ users and enjoy the profits everyday.
Do you need the best Trading Tips? Absolutely not because with TAKIT Pro you are just self dependent. All the task is being done by this trading system to provide the most accurate tips/signals for you.
Apart from accurate Buy and Sell signals you are also getting TAKIT PRO PROFIT ESTIMATOR which is a software to show you the target profit.
Stop Loss NOT required. The excellent feature of this software is that “Stop Loss is NOT necessary”. For example you get a Buy signal @ 499/-. Then if the Buy signal gives you loss and the price falls then automatically a REVERSE Sell signal will come. This REVERSE signal will completely protect you from loss.
This software gives you daily profit. Out of 10 consecutive Buy and Sell signals, might be 2 signals give slight loss. But the rest of 8 signals will give you huge profit. This is the main excellence of this software TAKIT Professional.
TAKIT Pro works very good for positional/short term trades also. This software is also beneficial for those who dont have time to intraday trading. Because, in positional trading it gives long profit margins. It can give you 5 to 15 times more profit in positional trading that in intraday trading.