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Binary Options Signals and Strategy - Lucrosa - Almost 30$k in 2 weeks



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This is my binary options for beginners. One of the simplest and most awesome methods to earn money online without spending a lot of time on it and without special experience or expensive courses. I hope you will like this method. Thanks for watching!

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Lucrosa FAQ:

I have never Traded before. Can I still make a Profit?

Yes. You don’t need to have any experience in online trading as the Lucrosa software does everything for you. The timings of the trades are very important which is why we developed it to be hands-free, placing the trades at the exact required time.

What is the minimum bid per trade?

The minimum bid per trade is only $25, so you don’t risk your funds.

Why do I need to make a Deposit?

Although our software is free, you do need to deposit at least $250 into your trading account so that the Lucrosa software can actually place trades and start making you profits. Remember, this is your money and you can withdraw it at any time.