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4 Words that Kill Your Sales Calls | Sales Motivation and Sales Techniques



There are 4 words that only people in sales use and it's killing our sales calls. Here's why...

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a stressed out owner of a small to midsize I.T. Company. They have 15 salespeople on staff and specialize in the world of accounting software. Here's why he was stressed out...

The product they offer costs a third of what their competitors charge, is more reliable, is easier to learn and use.

Even with all this in their favor the leads they were producing were not converting into sales.

This company, their sales strategy was to follow up with individuals who had indicated some level of interest by completing a form on a website and requesting additional information. Sharing their name, phone number and email address.

On the surface these should be very hot leads, a no brainer with a high success rate...but this wasn't happening.

Unfortunately, time and time again their sales people were getting shot down before they even had a chance to start.

Here's what was going on. As soon as the sales rep got the lead they would pick up the phone and make the call. When the potential customer answered, they said: "Hi Mr. Prospect, this is Jim Smith with XYZ Company, how are you today?"

When they made the call they were hearing, not interested, thanks for calling... I'm in a meeting call me back, were good thanks...

How is this possible? These weren't cold calls into companies that had never heard of them. These were highly targeted leads that provided their contact information -- voluntarily
-- can you spot where things went downhill?

There are 4 words that only salespeople use when starting a sales call... How are You Today.

As soon as the person who answered the phone heard those 4 words, How are You Today -- their mind translated them into -- Sales Call. No one wants to take a sales call.

And this is exactly what was happening to them.
Even though they were calling individuals who had specifically requested information... Perception is reality.

The problem was that they were starting their conversations in the exact same way every other salesperson was... How are You Today. The person answering the phone may or may not have heard them say their company name but they sure recognized those 4 words and automatically jumped to the habit or pattern they have in place to deal with salespeople and cold calls.

Our lives are made of habits.

We all have behavior patterns that are habits. Usually habits are useful; our brains become so efficient at doing something we can do it automatically without even thinking about them. Even when it may not be in our best interest.

Coaching to the idea of; If you want something different do something different, we made a very small adjustment. There is a specific branch of psychology called NLP. One of the techniques NLP teaches is something called a pattern interrupt.

A Pattern interrupt is exactly what it sounds like. It's when we say or do something that interrupts the automatic patterns and habits our prospects have. We are able to grab their attention...if only for a few moments.

The company with the best product is no better off than the company with the worst product if no one is listening.

The competition they don't have this Mindset, Strategy and Technique...

You're Selling More by Talking Less.